Philip Mould and Sally Storey: Illuminating Art with Light

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I know this sounds crazy, but I’m a spiritual hippie kind of gal into energetics, we’re all connected, and all of a sudden I feel trauma free . I had been praying to God for years and it’s like overnight, emotionally I feel like I did before going back to Italy. I felt tortured since I got back from Italy and started hitting up the vodka, then to Chicago and Fat Tire for breakfast with Blake, getting kicked out of bars like a veteran, and the drinking kept me from coping with what really happened all these years and honestly, I wouldn’t have been able to even understand fully what happened in Italy and why I was taken to the back of an Italian restaurant in Chicago in 2010 almost put into human trafficking until 2016 when I was being framed up once again and was finally like WTF IS ALL THIS ABOUT because I didn’t know yet about because no one told me, I was the last to find out, and 2017 when I went back and started looking close up at the photos realizing holy sh*t, it’s truly a miracle I survived all those frame ups. I didn’t know why or where this dark energy came from for the longest time but everything finally makes sense and the trauma and darkness has lifted after all these years. I feel like me again because I let the ptsd and emotions out of my brain finally. I am over all of my addictions, the manic stuff that got hyped up after the Chris and Carlos stuff has finally gone away, and I feel normal again completely open for new beginnings. It’s really amazing, truly. Thank you to all my blog following fans for caring about me! :)