Why the Enemy Keeps Chasing You(Spiritual Warfare)|TD Jakes 2018 Motivation Powerful Sermons “God held back the waters to make the enemy think that he could come through the same way. God has blessed you so good that your haters think it’s easy. But when they try to do what God anointed you to do, (I’m talking to somebody, I don’t know who it is… tell them it’s a set up, it’s a set up, it’s a set up) the waters that would hither and thither came back and drowned them. Pharaoh and his horses drowned in the Red Sea. Everything that the enemy has built against you, the whole system, God ✝️ sent me here to tell you the entire … #network went down in The Red Sea. They don’t know that praising God ✝️ is my weapon. And when I praise Him ✝️, everything that was after me drowns in the flood of my praise.”

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